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Article Processing Charges

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Article Processing Charges

Science Park Publisher Article Processing Charge

  • Science Park Publisher is open access that provides free and immediate online access to the full text of research papers, distribute, and reuse. 
  • Science Park Publisher Prompt fast publication and accurate peer review of research papers at a less cost.
  • Science Park Publisher covers the costs of journal creation, peer review management, hosting and archiving.
  • Our individual publication fees are shown below for researchers who are not currently part of an institutional cooperation arrangement.
  • Publication fees are payable upon article acceptance and vary depending on the journal.
  • Fees are charged at the applicable rates effective on the submission of your article. 
  • Most OA journals offset publication expenses – including the cost of peer review management, journal production, and online hosting and archiving – by charging a fee for each article published (APC). Our partnerships with institutions and funders aim to simplify the process for authors and reduce the burden of cost.
  • Waivers must be negotiated with the editorial office because they may be granted at the publisher's discretion.

Article Processing Charge waived until 6-2024

Advanced Carbon Journal
200 USD
Advanced Storage Energy Materials and Devices
200 USD
Integrated Nano
200 USD
International Journal of Biomolecular Science and Biotechnology
200 USD
Journal of Climate Change Action
200 USD
Journal of Veterinary Practice and Health
200 USD
Multidisciplinary Materials Chronicles
200 USD
 Trends in Pharmacology and Drug Delivery
200 USD
Physics Horizon
200 USD

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