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Resources For Authors

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Resources For Authors

How you can publish the article in the best form?

  • The article which is well written facilities to editors and reviewers to understand your work's purpose and helps to fast publication. 
  • Science Park Publisher helps the authors to find the right journal that it provides many subjects in different fields.
  • You can explore our subjects and journals from here
  • Science Park Publisher helps you in all stages of publication from research, and write to publishing your paper in the best form.

The benefits of publishing your article with us are:

  • Open access
  • Highly visibility
  • High quality
  • Accurate peer review
  • Guide for publishing

Science Park Publisher believes that the best way to raise the scientific community by making the research articles open access and removing any barriers between the authors and the publisher.

Our Editors can help the authors to guide in preparation of the article from the start to the end.

We facilitate the process of submission for authors to be able to easily submit their articles.

You can check the submission process from here 

we make a template guide to help you in writing the article in the best form and make plagiarism and proofreading for your article in all stages of publication to ensure that the article is in the best form.
You can check the Manuscript template from here 

The tools you  may need to write, review the article

You can use these resources to help you in writing the articles and handling them in the best way to ensure the integrity of your research.

Turnitin: Internet-based plagiarism detection service.
Mendeley: Reference Management Software.
Scopus: Efficiently pinpoint the most relevant, curated and up-to-date research information.
Grammarly: Grammar check and Proofreading tools.

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