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Science Park Publisher
Science Park Publisher is a scientific publishing platform that was founded in 2020, launched in 2024, and embarked on publishing monthly. It is one of the research project initiatives under the umbrella of Science Park Ltd. in Czechia. The publisher offers unrestricted access to scientific findings to promote the open science future with the latest groundbreaking in science and technology. Our publishing house is established by leveraging the experience and standing of an elite group of editorial boards, reviewers, researchers, scientists, and experts in the field of scientific research.

Our Mission

At Science Park Publisher, our mission is to advance knowledge and foster innovation across a broad spectrum of disciplines by providing a dynamic and inclusive platform for scholarly research. We are committed to publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed journals that cover the vast landscape of science, humanities, and social sciences, ensuring that groundbreaking research reaches a global audience. Our mission encompasses the following core objectives: Promoting excellence in research, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, enhancing accessibility and impact, supporting emerging scholars and championing diversity and inclusion. At Science Park Publisher, our mission is to contribute to knowledge creation, dissemination, and application.

Our Vision

At Science Park Publisher our vision is to be at the forefront of the academic and scientific publishing world, fostering a culture of open access, innovation, and collaboration. We are committed to making high-quality research accessible to everyone, breaking down barriers that traditionally limit the dissemination of knowledge. Our goal is to democratize information, ensuring that groundbreaking research reaches the widest possible audience, from seasoned scientists to curious minds eager to learn. Central to our vision is the promotion of open access publishing. Our open access platform is designed to ensure that every piece of research we publish is readily available to anyone, anywhere in the world, fostering a more inclusive and collaborative scientific community. In addition to publishing, we are dedicated to enriching the scientific community through the organization of webinars and conferences. These events serve as vital platforms for researchers to share their latest findings, discuss emerging trends, and forge meaningful connections. We also place a strong emphasis on promoting and recognizing exceptional research. Through special issues, and highlighted publications, we celebrate the achievements of scientists and academics who push the boundaries of their disciplines. By shining a light on their work, we hope to inspire the next generation of researchers and encourage ongoing innovation.


  • Quality of Publication
  • Open Science
  • High Visibility
  • Multidisciplinary Journals
  • Accurate peer review
  • Unbiased

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